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NEPA Car Care

we sell Croftgate USA Products

NEPA Car Care

wash and wax aquanil x aquanil quick multi project x tire samplepack

Sample pack


2 Microfiber Towels


1 X 4 Ounce Trigger Spray Bottle Aquanil- X Waterless Car Wash With Extra Polymer & Wax


1 X 4 Ounce Trigger Spray Bottle Quick N Slick Polish/Paint Sealant


1 X 4 Ounce Trigger Spray Bottle Multi Clean EPA DFE Approved General Cleaner Degreaser


1 X 4 Ounce Trigger Spray Bottle Tire Shine & Wheels Cleaner

leather cream leather condt





Wash & Polish your car in minutes with no water, anytime,  anywhere.  Croftgate USA has developed the best waterless  cleaner and paint finisher available to keep your transportation of choice looking showroom new. The blend of biodegradable detergents, and advanced polymers first breaks down and suspends dirt and grime - it then replaces the dirt with a protective polymer layer  - leaving your  vehicle  clean  and  with  a deep protective shine.


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Wash & Wax your car in minutes with no water; anytime, anywhere.   CroftgateUSA  has developed the  best waterless wash with waxes and paint finish available for keeping car, bike, jet-ski, plane, truck and RV's like new. The blend of biodegradable detergents, advanced polymers and waxes first breaks down   and then suspends dirt and grime- it then replaces the dirt with a protective layer of polymer and waxes- ultimately leaving your vehicle clean, waxed  and with a deep  protective shine.

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A “readily” biodegradable Multiple Surface Cleaner & Degreaser used on both exterior & interior surface areas. Powerful enough to remove heavy brake dust, tar, bird droppings, burnt rubber, grease, finger prints and a more, yet mild enough to remove stains from fabrics and carpeting. Multi Clean replaces a multitude of products all in one bottle.


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Croftgate USA's Tire  Shine   Plus   has   a blend of emollients, cleaning and gloss agents to leave  your  wheels, tires and  other areas clean  with  a long lasting, satin  smooth  finish. Non   greasy   formula! Tire  Shine  Plus  is also  used  on  plastics  to  rejuvenate,  bringing back  their  color  density.   Use it on   your dash area to clean  and  leave  a  nice  finish. All Croftgate USA products  are  formulated to  provide  quality results with the lowest environmental impact


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Achieve brilliant results in minutes, avoiding hours of applying traditional waxes. Quick N Slick’s simple spray on/wipe in technology will outshine, outlast and protect your vehicle surface far longer than wax. Will not shift in heat or micro crack in cold like wax does! The super surface slickness aids in repelling bugs, road debris and tar. It bonds to the surface creating a detergent resistant slick coating with a brilliant shine. Added antistatic properties continue to repel road dust for extended period of time.


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Project X is a depth and shine enhancer for dark painted vehicles.  Croftgate USA has made cleaning dark colored cars simple and effective. Project X can be applied 2 ways, but either way we guarantee to deepen your finish whether you are a detail pro or a garage novice.


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Wash & Wax

CroftgateUSA's Wash & Wax formula is a blend of proprietary detergents that cleans, suspends and removes road dirt, bugs and grime while polishing and protecting the surface with advanced polymers and waxes.

This advanced formula creates lubricity, reducing friction on the surface being washed. Cleansand builds a deep lustrous shine that can only be achieved by using the finest waxes and polymers in the world. The exclusive cross-linking polymer technology used by CroftgateUSA provides a soil and water repellent protective layer. This unique, protective coating makes water sheet off and prevents dirt adhesion to the paint surface.

Use on all non porous surfaces. (Body, Windows, Wheels, Bumpers).

Use on Cars, Trucks, Boats, Jet Ski, Motor Homes, and more..

Replaces traditional car wash shampoos that require rinsing which leads to hazardous compounds running into the ground.  An efficient & effective, environmentally safe alternative to using a hose. Reduces water usage by 95% or more.

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is designed to keep your prized possession looking beautiful for years to come. This enthusiast-grade blend of advanced cleaners and emollients is formulated with a balance of raw materials to clean out and remove the many months or years of ingrained dirt or body oils that have built up in and on your leather items. It helps to ensure leather remains soft and supple for years.

Regular use of LEATHER CLEANER will maintain leather seats, equestrian tack, boots bags and clothing in peak condition.




Leather Cream

is a high performance leather feed conditioner that replenishes the emollients and lubricants that have been lost through everyday use. Regular use can restore stiff, cracked leather to it's former suppleness.

Leather Cream is suited for use on all leather articles,upholstery, equestrian tack, boots, bags, clothing, and other precious leather items.

Leather Cream contains no petroleum solvents or silicones, which can damage the finish of fine leathers.


Rejuvenator Plastic restorer

100% active super concentrate! Users will quickly find out very little

goes a long way. Full size vehicles will only need a few ounces to do all the trim. User will

also notice a “wet look” while the trim is completely dry to the touch almost instantly. Helps

to reduce the build-up of dust when applied.

The performance of The Rejuvenator provides both a restoration treatment and a unique

coating on faded/old trim for prolonged periods of time.


• New technology to restore trim

• Longer lasting then others

• 100% active ingredients in a super concentrate

• Brings trim to like new look

• Free of petroleum and VOCs

Recommendation For Use:

For use on a clean surface. We recommend a soft cloth applicator or sponge

applicator available at any local supply store.

Once area determined to treat, place a small amount of The Rejuvenator on the

applicator and apply to area, until completely covered.

Repeat process for larger areas such as bumpers, dash surface, bed liners, bug


Croftscent is a super concentrated 100% ACTIVE formula designed to leave what can only be described as a Fresh & Clean smell, lasting for days.

First Time Users: Remember, Croftscent is 100% active so, only use 1 full spray. A quick mist 6" above the floor is all that’s needed! Even if you feel you need more, wait 15-20 minutes after you spray so it can settle down to its Fresh & Clean smell.

Use it anywhere you want days of a Fresh & Clean Smell - Cars - Trucks - Rooms and More!

1 ounce bottle with pump mist sprayer.


Fabric Protector

An Eco Responsible High Performance formula, to help protect fabrics from water and oil base spills, even alcohol can’t penetrate. Most spills can quickly be wiped up without penetrating the fabric. Spills don’t become hard-to-remove stains!

Once fabrics are treated; dirt, dust and even mud do not penetrate and are held loosely between the treated fibers, making it far easier to vacuum away.